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I blog on Brain-Based Learning, Metacognition, EdTech, and Social-Emotional Learning. I am the author of the Crush School Series of Books, which help students understand how their brains process information and learn. I also wrote The Power of Three: How to Simplify Your Life to Amplify Your Personal and Professional Success, but be warned that it's meant for adults who want to thrive and are comfortable with four letter words.



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That's right my friend. This is a page dedicated to professional growth. EdReads is like a free 20-minute university. My goal is to feature 3 WEEKLY EDUCATIONAL ARTICLES that provoke thought, reflection, and growth. Let's level up together!

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Serendipity Happened One Year Ago by Allyson Apsey

Awesome post by Allyson Apsey, a Michigan principal, about how blogging has changed her personal and professional life. Read this 4 minute post to learn why blogging is a game changer. Get inspired. Then, try it for yourself. But be warned! Once you start blogging, your life will never be the same.

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Why do we make students sit still in class? by Carolina Blatt-Gross, Special to CNN

Good question! Seriously... Read this 8 minute article to learn about how moving your body helps your brain learn. The author describes three roles movement plays in the classroom: optimizing focus and attention, releasing pent-up energy, and as a medium for learning.

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Get Up, Stand Up! by Sean A. Thom

Thought provoking blog by Sean A. Thom, a New Jersey school science department head. Read this 6 minute post about standing up and fighting for the greater good and identifying and embracing problems in American society. Sean challenges us to think differently and question the status quo and inspires to take action on social justice issues.