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I blog on Brain-Based Learning, Metacognition, and Social-Emotional Learning. I am the author of "Crush School: Every Student's Guide To Killing It In The Classroom" which is a book that helps students understand how their brain processes information and learns. In the book, I explain why students can learn anything and give strategies on how to learn effectively.

Mistakes Are... A Free Poster For You

Happy Monday!

Or Tuesday, depending on when you read this.

I took a screenshot of something I found on Pinterest a while ago and decided to make it into a poster you, I, and the rest of the Universe can print and use in their classroom, office, or spaceship.

The poster is about promoting mistakes as a necessary part of learning. My hope is that all of us can use it to help Build a Culture in which Mistakes Are Expected, Respected, Inspected, and Corrected.

Check it out and click on the link below for a free high quality PDF download.

mistakes are poster 1

I was feeling creative and created the Old School Version below.

mistakes are poster old school

Hope you like and use them.

Download The Mistakes Are... Poster(s).

You have the power to change the world. Use it often.