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Chop It! How To Successfully Complete A Big Project

By Oskar Cymerman | @focus2achieve | BAm! Radio Network EdWords Blogger

Do you assign big projects? Do you give big tests? Do your students know how to complete such big projects? And, do they know how to properly prepare for those big tests?

Whatever the answers to the above questions are, big tasks tend to evoke stress and anxiety in those who have to complete them. As the brain becomes overwhelmed with the perceived enormity of the task, it tends to find things to do that bring on more pleasurable feelings. Procrastination is the result.

You might have assigned a big project to be completed at home and some students did not do it. Or, you might sometimes notice students stuck in a rut while working on a big group project in class and they opt to do something else.

Maybe they're not lazy nor distracted. Maybe their brains are in pain.

So how do they complete the big project successfully while minimizing this brain pain?

We teach them to trick their brains into thinking the project is small.

First, they plan it out. Then they chop each piece off until done.

See for yourself.

Chop It! How To Successfully Complete A Big Project

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