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I blog on Brain-Based Learning, Metacognition, EdTech, and Social-Emotional Learning. I am the author of the Crush School Series of Books, which help students understand how their brains process information and learn. I also wrote The Power of Three: How to Simplify Your Life to Amplify Your Personal and Professional Success, but be warned that it's meant for adults who want to thrive and are comfortable with four letter words.

No Time For Change

By Oskar Cymerman | @focus2achieve | BAM! Radio Network & Teaching Channel Blogger

No Time For Change - Action over Words

Do this.
Do that.
Constant haste.
No time to waste.
This is serious!
No time for play.
No time to fail and try again.
Is there enough time to learn?
Little time to talk
To all those we should.
We’d all learn together.
We could do more good.
What’s the hurry?
Why the rush?
What if we changed,
Had all the time, rearranged?
There’s rhetoric
And beautiful words.
Visions of the future
Painted with broad brush strokes.
Dreams of beauty,
Beautiful dreams too.
They live in our mind-
Defined, refined, enshrined.
We keep dreaming…
Saying beautiful words…
Call ourselves believers,
Game-changers, leaders…
We call ourselves connected.
Another follower collected.
The truth of the present neglected.
Reality distorted, from it disconnected.
We put words on slides,
Send them into ether.
Aspire and inspire
Till our wills expire.
The emergence of divergence!
We shout out on the screen.
To all those who’ll look, but…
When it counts - will we intervene?
Challenge to All Educators:
1. Ask yourself and be honest with yourself - Do I do enough? Do I affect change or use beautiful words to talk about it?
2. Act Accordingly...
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