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I blog on Brain-Based Learning, Metacognition, EdTech, and Social-Emotional Learning. I am the author of the Crush School Series of Books, which help students understand how their brains process information and learn. I also wrote The Power of Three: How to Simplify Your Life to Amplify Your Personal and Professional Success, but be warned that it's meant for adults who want to thrive and are comfortable with four letter words.

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I'm Oskar. Can I give you something?


I'm a teacher, writer, and teacher trainer.

I believe teachers teach, because they want to change the world for the better. We have been given the chance to help our students improve their lives and view their world as one full of opportunities. But we have to equip them well for this journey.

What others say about my writing...

Kelly, a CEO, writes on Amazon:

The author's style reminds me of Malcolm Gladwell in that he combines a little science, a little wit and lot of his own brilliant mind to create a book that turns the seemingly obvious, but surprisingly difficult into the totally understandable.

Jon Harper, a podcast host, says:

Much like Don Quixote, Oskar is a mad dreamer who sees things that the rest of us do not. Oskar has a way of making things that are complicated, seem simple. You will still have to do the work. It’s just that he has already done a lot of the thinking for you.

Christine D. Israel, a parent and teacher, writes in her review of Crush School:

Speaks right to teens. Thank you for saying everything I've been trying to tell my son in a language he understands! Easy to read and understand. Short and to the point. Great for the short attention span of teens/millennials.

Dr. Jenny T. Wojcik, writes this about The Power of Three:

Another great example of Oskar's thinking ... powerful thoughts... his writing models The Power of Three.


My mission is to improve the teaching practice by sharing simple and effective learning resources. I write and make infographics on brain based learning, flexible learning, and enhancing instruction with technology.

Check out my blog here.


I write books that apply neuroscience principles to learning and achievement. My goal is to make brain science accessible to students and teachers alike. This is why I use humor and write in a conversational style and give classroom and life examples. Click here to check out my books.

Speaking and Professional Development

Sit and Get PD just isn't me. And what's the point of Death by PowerPoint?

If you appreciate real talk and learning by doing, I am your guy.

I specialize in teaching others how to teach learning effectively and efficiently.

I deliver professional workshop-style learning to educators and organizations on research-based learning strategies, building future-ready success skills, and enhancing work and instruction with and without technology.

Contact me at to inquire about my availability.